Dove Tattoos

Pigeon is pure emotion. Pigeon is one of the ancient symbols of love. The dove tattoo does not always symbolize fashion and art, the secrets of this image are rooted in religious and spiritual values ​​symbolizing unity. People who believe in the art of tattoo know that tattoos should show their soul. What they cherish in their lives, the emotions they experienced when they acquired or lost part of themselves, their essence, their souls. For those who aspire to peace and love, the popular symbols are tattooes in the form of a heart, a dove, and also a Christian cross, which depicts the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of unity.

Basic values ​​of tattoos dove

  • Eternal bonds of love

Pigeons are often depicted in pairs, as their union expresses the attachment between two people, as well as their feelings for each other. Pigeons are monogamous, males live with one female all their life. They remain together for life, and always return to their nest, if it has not been destroyed or contaminated. It is because of this unshakable fidelity and their connection by the bonds of love that the dove became famous as a symbol of true communion. When you choose a tattoo for yourself with a pair of pigeons, it will be a symbol of your eternal love for someone really special in your life.

  • Love of life, rebirth

Pigeon tattoos are symbolic communication with the Lord and a symbol of love for life. Pigeon is a messenger to God and from God to man. The reason is that the Bible said that during the Great Flood, God commanded Noah to build a large Ark that would carry Noah and his family, as well as two animals and birds of each kind. After that, the whole world was flooded. Only Noah and his ark survived.

After several weeks at sea, Noah released a pigeon and ordered to search for the land, or some signs of life. During his flight, the dove found the shore and returned with an olive branch. In addition, tattoos of a pigeon with a palm branch in its beak symbolize a man’s victory over death and a new chance in life

  • A symbol of peace

White dove is a symbolic symbol of the end of all wars and mutual disagreements. Pigeon with olive branch is a symbol of the Greek goddess of peace and harmony. And in ancient Greece and Rome, people decorated themselves with these tattoos in tribute to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fertility. Aphrodite was born in a chariot made up of pigeons. Even her seven daughters, known as the Pleiades, are represented in Greek mythology in the form of a flock of pigeons.

  • Religious designations

Dove was a symbol of peace since ancient times and symbolizes the baptism of Jesus Christ. Jesus was depicted in many pictures, which depict flocks of pigeons following him. Pigeons were his constant companions. In Central America, often used in tattoos orchids.

  • The symbol of freedom

One of the most famous images is a dove in flight. The dove tattoo shows the man’s love for freedom, liberation from the shackles of life and its many limiting rules. The dove shows that you finally achieved harmony and forgave others for all the wrong things they did to you, and also forgave themselves for their mistakes and shortcomings.

  • Religious cult

According to the Aztec mythology, the dove is the goddess of love and is considered the mother of all mankind. This goddess gives people the gift of rhei and descends to the ground in the form of a dove to spread this knowledge among people. Some ingenious tribes in North America believe that the spirit of the deceased turns into a dove. Only a person with good upbringing and actions can become a dove, and be considered a pure spirit. Pigeon feathers are used along with chopsticks to pray closer to God.