Men Illuminati Tattoo Ideas design & Meaning

Every year in the tattoo-culture there are new trends, illuminati, the sketches are becoming more and more interesting, exciting and unusual. In this article we will consider another very unusual idea for drawing on the body, we will learn what is the significance of the eye tattoo, the history and symbolism of this image.

Currently, the tattoo “All-Seeing Eye” is very popular, and more often people are repelled from the ancient Egyptian meaning of the symbol, despite the fact that he has a fairly rich history. In Christianity, he is associated with the All-Seeing God. You can see such a picture on some Orthodox churches and cathedrals. For example, the All-Seeing Eye, sometimes portrayed as an eye in a triangle, adorns the main portico of the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg. Masons also did not pass it by their attention. At them the All-Seeing Eye is sometimes called the radiant delta and is a symbol of the cosmic Reason (enlightenment) and the sun.

Men Illuminati Tattoo Ideas design & Meaningilluminati tattooilluminati tattoos

Illuminati the symbol chosen for the tattoo, is the all-seeing eye. It is a sign that has existed in many cultures for centuries. This is the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus, the ancient Greek eye of Jupiter, the Indian third eye of the Buddha, the eye of the Great Spirit of the American Indians, the eye of Lucifer the Illuminati. The main meaning of the symbol, regardless of the country and religion, is the same. It is the sign of the omnipresence, the eye of God, who sees everything. The all-seeing eye has many additional meanings that appear in different cultures. In Christianity, it symbolizes the Trinity, light and power. The eye, enclosed in a triangle, is the Head of God.

men illuminatimen illuminatiMen Illuminati Tattoo Ideas design & Meaning

If this geometric figure is also surrounded by a radiant circle, then the value of infinite holiness appears. In Buddhism, the all-seeing eye is a spiritual creation, light and wisdom. In Islam – a sign of absolute intelligence and enlightenment. Also in the context of this religion, the all-seeing eye is associated with supernatural clairvoyance.

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