Tattoo Lion

For sure, anyone who chooses to tattoo on his body the image of a lion does it for a reason, for the sake of beauty. The energy of this animal is so strong that many of us, especially men, can not resist the inimitable grace, unlimited power and majesty of the lion.

lion geometric tattoolion geometric tattoogeometric lionlion queen tattoo

lion queen tattoolion queen tattoolion queen tattoo

Meaning of tattoo lion

In many folk cultures of the East and West, the lion is the king of beasts. This animal symbolizes protection, power, justice and nobility. Therefore, his image as a drawing is often chosen by a strong half of humanity.

lion queen tattoolion headders tattoolion headders tattoolion queen tattoo

The meaning of such a tattoo for women differs from the male symbolism. The nature of life of these animals is peculiar. It is known that they create prides, which usually include seven lionesses and one leader. While the lion regains strength, the lionesses take care of the offspring. Therefore, the image of a lioness on a woman’s body is a symbol of motherhood, female wisdom, the keeper of the family hearth. In addition, the lioness is always associated with independence, success, courage. A woman with a tattoo of a predator will always protect her child and stand behind her close people.

king and queen lion tattoolion headders tattootraditional lion head tattoo

Another explanation of the tattoo of a lion is related to the concept of the sign of the zodiac. In its various interpretations one can find a lot of descriptions. For example, a man with a lion’s mark is straightforward and judicious. This is an exemplary family man, a successful leader, an excellent hunter and an earner.