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Tribal tattoos represent the solid, geometric pattern, usually in black, but today it is not uncommon to use different shades of gray and bright colors. Such tattoos can be applied to almost any part of the body – on the back, shoulder, arm, leg.

Tribal tattoo style (tribal, tribal) is almost the most ancient style. He appeared in Europe, when a sailor came home with a tattoo in the form of geometric pattern. It is thanks to the sailors tribal tattoo became so popular and widespread. Patterns were applied as talismans, amulets.
Very often the tattoo of this style is made by those for whom it is the first tattoo. This is understandable, because the smooth lines of the pattern look great on the body, emphasizing its natural lines.

Tribal Tattoos;Tribal TattoosTribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoo is perfect for connecting complex elements of the pattern, where you can not do without pointed black ends.

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Tribal tattoo-it’s not just curls and patterns, as many think. Every line, every stroke can mean something.
In Tribal style, you can perform a huge range of tattoos. For example: flowers, butterflies, dragons, Scorpions, skulls, and many others.

In Tribal tattoo, a large portion of animals. The value depends on which animal was selected for the tattoo. For example, a bear expresses good luck or kindness. Butterflies symbolize the immortality of the soul. The eagle is a sign of spiritual growth and power. Pen means revival and creativity. It is believed that the tattoo of an animal gives to its owner the strongest part of the animal, and provides a spiritual connection with him.

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Tribal patterns are usually drawn specifically for the client, as they must be aesthetically appealing, take into account the peculiarities of anatomy and physiology media. With their help, hide flaws or Vice versa, emphasize the dignity of the figure (for example, you can visually increase the bicep).
Also tribal tattoo well hide the old low-quality or unsuccessful tattoos, because they are characterized by the use of black color and thick paint. This color is very tightly overlaps the old drawings. Of course, if we are talking about overlapping, it is necessary to create an individual sketch.

Pattern in the style of tribal can decorate or complement almost any pattern, or ready-made tattoo, and it will undoubtedly give it its special uniqueness, additional meaning and artistic integrity.