Women Best Tattoo Ideas 2018

Modern tattoo has a wealth of colors and patterns. It is no secret that any tattoo carries a hidden meaning, because the choice of illustration – especially individual case. Some people apply a tattoo on the body in order to stand out from the crowd, others thought it was their talisman, and others – as a disguise scars or other skin imperfections. A lot of those who paint the whole body tattoos, believing that it is very fashionable and beautiful. In our article we will talk about women’s tattoos. What are they-fashion tattoos for girls 2018?

Trends in women’s tattoos for 2018

Tattoos have come to our everyday life for a very long time. Even in ancient times, the girls did not deny themselves the opportunity to make a tattoo, thereby showing other people what is most important and valuable to them in life. After the adoption of Orthodoxy in Russia Tatu was banned and returned only in the early 19th century. Most often, girls fill tattoos full of desire to emphasize their beauty and individuality. Let’s try to understand what the main trends can be seen in women’s tattoos in 2018.

Fashion image female tattoo

The main trend of 2018 is images of birds. It is possible to portray one bird or the whole flock. The most relevant and popular birds on the female body are hummingbirds, owl.
birds on wire tattoo
birds on wire tattoolittle birds tattoo

birds on wire tattoolittle birds tattoolittle birds tattoolittle birds tattoo

In addition, often in tattoo parlors are clients who want to capture the representatives of the animal world. And here is a picture of a cat. Probably, the topic of cats will be relevant at all times, since this animal could not be well shows the essence of the women – cats are by nature independent, cunning and at the same time, affectionate and intelligent. Such girls prefer a tattoo in the form of kitties. Not less important are the tattoos and wild animals. Most often it’s a Fox or a wolf.

fox tatto ideasfox tatto ideastanner fox tatto tanner fox tatto tanner fox tatto

Very interesting in 2018 look tattoos with the image of an angel – such a symbol can be as a talisman that protects against adversity. Angel looks very romantic and feminine.
We can not say that in fashion – inscription in Latin. The meaning of these tattoos is known only to its owner. Do not lag behind them and tattoos with names: as a rule, these are the names of loved ones – parents, children, loved one.

angel wing tattooangel tattoo angel tattoo angel tattoo

Fashion trends have touched not only the image of female tattoo. Trends also affected their location. The most popular place is women’s wrists and neck.